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JICA TCP Project Summary

 The JICA TCP Project for Capacity Development of GLOF and Rainstorm Flood Forecasting and Early Warning focuses on capacity development of central and local governments for weather and flood forecasting and early warning and emergency response against GLOF and rainstorm flood in the Mangdechhu and Chamkharchhu river basins.  The Project also contributes to mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development plans.  As a result, a nationwide disaster resilient society against natural disasters such as GLOF and rainstorm flood for Climate Change Adaptation will be realized in Bhutan. Three years project was implemented from September 2013 to September 2016.

The Outline of the Project:
Overall Goal: Nationwide disaster resilient society against natural disasters such as GLOF and rainstorm flood for Climate Change Adaptation is realized in Bhutan.
 Project Purpose: Capacity of DHMS and relevant stakeholders on emergency response against GLOF/rainstorm flood is enhanced.
Output 1: Capacity of related agencies on GLOF/rainstorm flood risk assessment, development planning, disaster prevention, flood forecasting and warning as well as emergency information sharing among relevant agencies is enhanced.
1.1 Analyze the existing data accumulation and monitoring/alert system in DHMS /NWFFWC to develop feasible and sustainable integrated platform
1.2 Set up necessary system and facilities for the integrated platform and train
DHMS/NWFFWC staff to operate and maintain the system.
1.3 Review previous study including SATREPS on the potential risk of glacial lakes, and
estimate the magnitude of GLOF as well as possible flood considering future climate change in corroboration with DGM and DoES.
1.4 Facilitate the discussion in enhancing coordination between GLOF/rainstorm flood risk assessment sector and development sector.
1.5 Prepare and improve GLOF/rainstorm flood risk zonation to be utilized for activity 3-2
through the training to NWFFWC, DGM, DoES, and NLCS staff.
1.6 Foster the sense of land use management among related agencies through workshops etc.
1.7 Identify and propose institutions necessary for mainstreaming disaster risk assessment information into development plans.
1.8 Improve flood and weather forecasting system by use of accumulated hydro- meteorological data as well as numerical weather prediction data (GPV: Grid Point Value).
1.9 Develop SOP on emergency information sharing through discussion and workshops with relevant agencies.

 Output 2: Early Warning System (EWS) for GLOF/rainstorm is developed and maintained in the pilot basins of Mangdechhu and the Chamkharchhu.
2.1 Review existing hydro-meteorological network and planed hydropower plants from the view point of administrative response on GLOF/rainstorm flood
2.2 Analyze GLOF/rainstorm flood discharge, high-water level, flood arrival time and the other hydrological information to be applied for designing of EWS;
2.3 Design the location and specification of EWS composed of detection system, network, data management protocol and information sharing.
2.4 Install equipment and facilities for the EWS into the both pilot basins and NWFFWC with necessary provisions of spare parts and maintenance tools.
2.5 Prepare EWS operation and maintenance manual to train central and local DHMS staff on its testing, operation and maintenance.
Output 3: Emergency response capacity against GLOF/rainstorm flood at central and local level is enhanced in the pilot basins.

3.1 Review flood emergency response on warning and evacuation in the pilot basins through workshops with participation of DDM, Local Government and Community residents.
3.2 List up the target communities and examine flood warning criteria in the pilot basins in the discussion with Local Government considering the findings derived from the activity 1-5, 2-2.
3.3 Plan and conduct warning and evacuation drills as well as EWS operation drill in the pilot basins.
3.4 Develop SOP for GLOF/rainstorm flood in the pilot basins through evaluation of activity 3-1 to 3-3
Mr. Karma Dupchu, Chief/Project Manager, Hydrology Division, Department of Hydro-Met
Services, MoEA, E-mail at kdupchu@nchm.gov.bt or Tel no.: 009752328280
Mr. Yasuhiko KATO, Chief Advisor/Basin Disaster Management, JICA Project Office, DHMS,
Thimphu, E-mail at kato-yasuhiko@ess-jpn.co.jp or mobile 17944309