National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology


SOP for HWRSD (2023)
SOP for MSD (2023)
SOP for TSRD (2023)
SOP for CSD (2023)

SOP for Ammochhu EWS

NCHM Guidelines

Revised Guidelines for Hiring of Hotels and Vehicles July 2021

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Publication of Hydromet Journal_with cover

Hydro-Met Officer_CBF_Endorsed

Guidelines on Data Sharing

Guidelines and Procedures for Uniform_cover_content

Guidelines for Part Time Observer July 2022

Final Guidlines for Management for Short Term Training Gaps April_2024

Other SOP & guideline reports

Covid-19 related documents

1. NCHM-New Normal Working phase- Office Order
2. NCHM ORDER CSD COVID19_29 March 2020
3. NCHM COVID19 CSD Final 29 March 2020 submitted RCSC
4. NCHM COVID19 Lockdown CSD Update _29Aug 2020_Final
5. Annexure 2 Protocol for Stay Home
6. Annexure 1Guideline for remote-working COVID-19
7. Technical Guide For Remote working Plan for RCSC
8. Office-Order-Remote-Working-and-Work-From-Home-RCSC
9. RCSC letter and Plan for Continuing Service Delivery in light of the COVID-19 prepardness 27 March 2020
10. Notification on Continuing Service Delivery,Jan 2022

Whistleblowing Mechanism_NCHM 2023 Final