National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology

Travel Forms
                Travel Allowance Claim/Authorization form   excel
                Travel Allowance Claim /Authorization form  pdf
Training(s) Related Forms
                Ex-country travel form
                Feedback form for ex-country travel
                STT Nomination Application form
                STT Nomination Review form
                STT Pre-Departure Briefing form
                Office joining letter upon completion of LTT or STT 
                Training report LTT and STT                                                                                       

New Recruitment related Forms
                HRD Biodata Form
                NPPF Form
                Oath of Allegiance

Leave Forms
                EOL Undertaking
                Leave Application Form
                Leave Encashment Form

Data Request Forms
                  Hydro-met Data request form 2019.docx 
                  Hydro-met Data request form 2019.pdf

Other Forms
                  Requisition Form
                  Vehicle Requisition Form
                  Purchase Order Form