National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology

The National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology is pleased to invite sealed tenders from eligible suppliers holding valid Bhutanese trade license for the Annual Framework for the Financial Year 2018-2019:

Package A. Supply of office stationeries
Package B. Supply of office Furniture
Package C. Supply of Computers and peripherals
Package D. Electrical Components
Package E. Supply of Trekking and camping gears.
Package F. Printing and Publication
Package G. Vehicle Spare parts/maintenance and Tyres
Complete set of bidding documents along with terms and conditions shall be downloaded from www.nchm.gov.bt from 2nd July to 2nd August 2018.The sealed quotation should be submitted on 2nd August 2018 on or before 12:00 noon and shall open on the same day at 2:00 pm.

SBD for the anual framework 2018-19

Item list