National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology

Mr. Adama Coulibaly met with NCHM management and visited the 24/7 National Water and Flood Warning Center (NWFWC). The Centre made a presentation about NCHM and its roles in hydro-met data collection and effective delivery services for planning appropriation adaptation and mitigation measures against climate change impacts. World Bank and NCHM also discussed the impact of World Bank-supported projects implemented by the Centre and the future potential projects that required financial and technical support from the World Bank. The future support includes:

a. Construction of a dedicated NCHM HQ, National Weather and Flood Warning Center (NWFWC) and Scientific facilities

b. Strengthening Aviation Meteorological Services for safety and flight operations

c. Hydrology Project of Bhutan

Mr. Adama appreciated the work and services provided by the NCHM and he said the Center like us has an important role in supporting the World Bank framework of Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development (GRID). He assured World Bank continued support to strengthening the hydro-met sector in Bhutan for climate-resilient sustainable development and disaster risk reduction.

World Bank has supported the hydro-met Sector in Bhutan since 1990 in the following areas.

- Strengthening of the hydro-meteorological network and data processing procedures under the Bhutan Power System Master Plan (PSMP,1990-1993);

- Development of a Road Map for Modernizing Weather, Water, and Climate Services in Bhutan (2014)

- Enhancing Information Base for Hydro-met Services and Climate Resilience under the Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR, 2017-2021);

- Enhancing Aviation Meteorological Observation and Services at Paro International Airport, Hydrological and Flood forecasting capacity, and development of agro-met services under the Hydro-met Services and Disaster Resilience Regional (HSDRR, 2017-2021)