National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology

Establishment of Comprehensive Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System for Amochhu Basin under Phuentsholing Township Development Project

Funding : CDCL/DHI under PTDP project

Amount: Nu. 28 Million

Time period: July 2021 to June 2023

Memorandum of Understanging (MoU) is signed between NCHM and CDCL for the establishement of Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System for Amochhu Basin. The project will support in procurement, installation and testing of the EWS system. Unlike other EWS installed in Bhutan, which is detect and warn, the Amochhu EWS will be enhanced with the forecasting based EWS based on the historical flood analysis.

The project outputs are broadly outlined as follows:

1. Site/Need Assessment Report: The site assessment to ascertain the requirement of the monitoring station, location feasibility of monitoring stations, control room and warning sirens, communication accessibility, and assessment of hydraulic conditions of the selected site shall be conducted. The Technical site assessment report shall include the assessment report on the requirement of FEWS.

2. Technical Specifications for FEWS: A detail FEWS System conceptual architecture, Technical Specification of all the components of FEWS, work plan, drawings & designs, cost estimates, Bidding Document and inception reports shall be prepared.

3. Tendering process Report: Prepare a report on the procurement procedure that includes Bidding Documents, NIT, bid evaluation, award and contact agreement shall be compiled.

4. Flood forecasting and 2D model: An appropriate hydrological model shall be selected and set as the flood forecasting model and shall be integrated with the FEWS with continuous model validation and calibrations process. An appropriate 2D model shall be selected to carryout flood hazard mapping based on the flood frequency analysis and different scenarios that shall be incorporated in the FEWS. The Hazard maps and the flood forecasting model shall be incorporated in the Flood Decision Support system (FDSS). Prepare a report on flood forecasting model set up, 2D modelling procedure, flood frequency analysis and Flood Hazard maps.

5. Installation of FEWS and commissioning: Oversee the works of installation and commissioning of all the components of the FEWS and ensure the compliance of Technical and commercial requirements.

6. Completion Report: Prepare project completion report. The report shall comprise, Factory Acceptance Test Report (FAT), Site Acceptance Test Report (SAT), System Acceptance Test Report (SyAT), SoPs and Manuals. Further, prepare a report on mock drills and awareness educations conducted to communities and stakeholders.